March 8, 2009

Petals and Madame Butterfly

My sister and I had a chance to see Madame Butterfly, an outstanding performance.

As the opening introduction took place I was so enthralled, never had I seen ballet performed in such a modern and abstract way. Brilliant costume colors and dramatic body movements,lively shadows danced like a silk scarf in the wind- all so oddly clever.

The ballet always gives me the sensation of chills. The only thing I can explain, is that it feels such a part of me as I watch the beauty of the dancers and hear the music of orchestra. I feel so moved...

As I watched the stage and the young and graceful dancers, I took notice of the old woman dozing off to sleep in the seat beside me. Most attendees in the audience were of senior age. I sat in my velvet seat in the ornate theater. The story of Madame Butterfly began to unfold in such a way, it came to life. My breath was shallow and I dared not blink. I discovered depth and meaning in this story and my surrounding. I couldn't help but to formulate thoughts.

Each stage of life is like a blooming flower- from a tender bud springs an incredible bloom, soon to become wilting petals that eventually fall.

Youth goes from barley a bud, to a graceful bloom, gently fragile petals will age and fleet.

Creating a family, children grow as precious dainty buds, with careful pruning and shaping they bloom. And then with time they flutter windward like petals in a warm Summer breeze.

Talents, love, religion, careers, wealth all follow suite but, each time old petals fall new buds sprout and blooms array constant within.