December 3, 2009

Is Santa Real?

Most would agree that Christmas is such a magical and wonderful time year.

People light up with the spirit of giving (some over indulge in gift giving part, go observe "Black Friday" and you'll see what I mean).

Suburbs come to life with showcases of lights in all spectacular colors. Imagination creates windows, lawns,trees and homes with dreams of Christmas fantasy.
Neighbors meet and greet with baked goods, candles, caroling songs on door steps as a token of friendship.

The homeless and needy are taken care of by thousands of donations and willfully given dollar amounts provide meals,gifts,clothes and a chance. Humanity lives on in our benevolent acts!

Infamous Christmas songs and stories read to our children instills humility, peace,charity and the sentimental meaning of Christmas.

There is a question on the tongue of every child, and every child does ask...
"Is Santa real"? "Are Angels real"?

If you believe in the magic of Christmas spirit, then Santa is real
He's only real as long as you believe.

Angels too exist, they walk among us every day and some are lucky and blessed to be touched by one.

Angels and Saints come in human form they are those who do good and bless the lives of others, once you have been touched by an Angel or Saint you will know and always believe.