December 23, 2008

Christmas Shoes- Gifts from the heart

I had heard the song "Christmas Shoes" for the first time this year and as I listened to the words, a lump in my throat formed and the tears could not be held back. Struck with such emotion I realized it had been quite some time since I had been touched with the spirit of Christmas in this way, through this touching story.

a young boy's mother who is terminally ill (the result of heart failure), the boy tries to get a pair of Christmas shoes for her before his mother dies, and diligently collects empty cans to raise the money to purchase beautiful shoes.

On Christmas Eve the little boy rushes to a local shoe store to buy the perfect pair of shoes for his mother...

A little boy waiting anxiously
Pacing around like little boys do
And in his hands he held
A pair of shoes

And his clothes were worn and old
He was dirty from head to toe
And when it came his time to pay
I couldn't believe what I heard him say

Sir I wanna buy these shoes for my Momma please
It's Christmas Eve and these shoes are just her size
Could you hurry Sir?
Daddy says there's not much time
You see, she's been sick for quite a while
And I know these shoes will make her smile
And I want her to look beautiful
If Momma meets Jesus, tonight.

He counted pennies for what seem like years
And cashier says son there's not enough here
He searched his pockets franticly
And he turned and he looked at me
He said Momma made Christmas good at our house
Though most years she just did without
Tell me Sir
What am I gonna do?
Some how I’ve got to buy her these Christmas shoes

You can sense the boy must be so distraught, a stranger recognizes the emotion of the boy and gives the remaining money needed to complete the purchase. The child is thus able to buy the shoes for his mother and runs home in a haste to give them to her before she dies.

The story to many people teaches the meaning of Christmas that it is not just about the presents, it's about other people, giving them the best Christmas and caring about them.

Gifts from the heart are the most memorable and most cherished.

December 8, 2008

For the Love of New York

I had long awaited my first travels to the great city of New York years ago. And when I finally slipped into a New York taxi all I had imagined this grand city to be, it suddenly all came to life. As I walked the ever so crowded streets, I felt like I was swimming in a concrete sea with multitudes of pedestrians clustered like schools of fish. Looking up towards the sky and viewing all the towering buildings over head a sudden sensation of what it was to be swallowed into the belly of this big city rushed me, I realized how very small I was.

New York has a way of penetrating all senses. Exquisite taste that touch your tongue, the pastries of New York unlike any other, the cultural variation of food and world renowned restaurants is so delightful. The smells of the city reek of street vendors and their treats, luring you in for a famous New York hot dog or fragrant sugar/cinnamon coated almonds. Every window passed has something most pleasing to the eye, with bazaar and glamorous fashions, unique and blaring jewelry, artistic works of glass, wood, paint and clay and not to mention the commotion of lights Time Square displays in such a robust and unforgettable manner. The sounds that the city pumps can only be described as "busy" and never resting.

How I love New York City, the upscale stores, the museums and theaters, night life, the whole song and dance, the antics of people, the deep rich history- I am on sensory overload the whole time I am there. Grasping to capture and hold this city, I have found it belongs solely to itself, much to vibrant and mad to be held.

Kids in their souvenir shirts, doing their New York Vogue poses

One of our frequented spots when we go to NYC is the Stage Deli the pastrami sandwiches are the best and the cheese cake is unbelievably sensational

Stephen and I enjoyed a fun filled day at the Metropolitan Museum

The store displays during the holiday season is phenomenal to see this is in the store of Anthropologie

November 26, 2008

Any Time Of The Year

Thanksgiving is such a heart warming time of year. It becomes the time when the holiday cheer begins to morph, when fall transitions into winter.

Chandler, Alexis and Olivia have all been very observant of the Thanksgiving holiday and have noted well what it is they are thankful for. The words mentioned in their prayers express a deeper gratitude, A sure sign of maturing children. The things they are grateful for taken to paper in form of art work, a poem or kind letter. Each child so unique in their gifts, talents and spirit.

Tomorrows day of Thanksgiving will not be shared with the kids. In a way I will miss the busy ordeal of preparing a grand dinner together as a family, I know how much Alexis and Olivia enjoy helping in the kitchen. The ordinary holiday rituals and traditions will not be celebrated in the same way- Stephen and I are heading to Mimi's Restaurant, we will hit the movie theater and then get ready for our departure to New York the following day.

I have come to realize over the years that the actual day of the holiday is not all that important. Christmas and Thanksgiving can be any day we choose, as frequent as we wish. These holidays are symbolic and represent a spirit we continually grow throughout the year and throughout life. And when a family meal is prepared and we all gather round the table, bow our heads and give thanks continually for all we have been blessed with, this is when life feels so abundant. I look to the faces that surround me as we converse about the day or week and I take a few minutes to pause and learn who my family really is and what a treasure I possess.

Stephen asked me the other day "when do you feel most happy?" With out hesitation I know what is most precious to me, it is the time when we as a blended family are ALL together, this is when I feel most happy. Taking advantage of building a lasting relationship with sprouting kids who within a blink of an eye be fully grown.

Yes, I have learned a family can create Thanksgiving or the spirit of Christmas in the home as often as wished, I really believe this.


November 17, 2008

Free Bird to Zion

Saturday morning I woke about 6:00am, with a wild hair idea. I was going to pack the kids and do something spontaneous. I have been feeling a stir within, feeling the monotony of life enslaving me to the daily grind, not that my life is bad in any way- you just get in those ruts where life becomes so routine. I was determined to bust free of the feelings I had become consumed in, I was going to fly like a free bird. I didn't know where I was going, but I was going to find a place to perch in solitude. Some place where I could meditate and discover the air that makes me feel free.

So after some thought, I picked Zion National Park. Utah has some incredibly scenic and diverse terrain and this is my favorite park in Utah. The kids and I rushed to finish household chores and packed a overnight pack, stopped to get the oil changed, tires pressure checked and headed south for the next 24 hours. I booked a cabin in the park so we could take full advantage of our scenic trip. The selling point for the cabin resort was that they had buffalo on site. I knew the kids would go silly over this idea, and they did. Chandler packed his soft air gun and pocket knife convinced he was going to hunt a buffalo.

We arrived to our cabin feeling a little worn out from what I thought was going to only be a four hour journey, but ended up being six hours- after several pit stops, a sit down dinner and me trying to drive and navigate at the same time. By 6:30 we had made it to the park and now to find our cabin, this became a real challenge. Zion is a good size park and I was not really sure where this cabin was. No cell phone, but the kids helped navigate by reading me the directions I had printed off before hand. Chandler and Alexis were fretting in the back, convinced we were lost and that we may drive off a cliff or hit a dear. Olivia was in the very back reading her book, not even phased by the whole episode of the two older children. We made it to our nicely furnished cabin by about 7:00pm. Usually I would be against the Idea of watching movies while we were there to enjoy nature but, I selfishly admit I had started the ever so trendy Twilight book and wanted to sink into it.

The next morning we woke up around 7:00 and got ready for a day of hiking, adventure and lots of picture taking. The kids ran down to observe the buffalo and wild life while I finished getting ready. We had breakfast at the Buffalo Grill. As we ate our breakfast, we could look out from our window view and see the endless meadow full of roaming buffalo.

After a nice breakfast the kids picked up a souvenir at the gift shoppe, they all picked out arrowhead necklaces. Then Alexis, Chandler and Olivia played pioneers and Indians.

Rode in a covered wagon

Olivia rode a buffalo

Alexis "Princess Happy Home" (her Indian given name in 2nd grade) writing Indian hieroglyphics

and Chandler was still scheming how he was going to bring home a buffalo

After some fun play we headed for the trails and drove the scenic peaceful roads of Zion. No ipods, no games, no cell phones allowed during the time we were in Zion. My hope was with out distractions, the kids could really enjoy the serene and phenomenal surroundings that encompassed us.

The kids became quite animated about some of their observations. The wild life we saw, the brilliant colors that looked as though angels had used water colors to paint the evolving scenery.

Life tasted so sweet, my soul felt free and a compilation of a vibrant memory has been built, tucked and saved.

Mark Twain gave good advice: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

A great motto to live by-

November 8, 2008

Being True To Ourselves

Over a month ago I took a job working in Salt Lake as a Sales Consultant. I was excited for various reasons. I purchased new clothes, shined my shoes, dusted off my laptop and stepped into a whole new class. Oh, did it feel liberating- Being at home full time, doing the daily grind- one may some times feel taken for granted. At work people recognize and reward hard work. Stephen and I would now share household duties and errands, involvement and responsibility with the kids would be divided more equally between Stephen and myself. I had it all worked out.

I was on the run. In a sense I knew by immersing myself into a satisfying job I would be able to dodge the heart ache and void I was feeling from the girls leaving to go to Kenya soon and the nagging pain I feel by splitting parent time with Chandler's father. From the time I was a little girl in pig tails I dreamt about being a "Mom" I didn't dream of being a career woman of any type. I would twirl about singing this dreamy song...

When I grow up I want to be a mother and have a family. One little, two, little three little babies of my own. And I will cuddle them when things go wrong and give them cookies with milk and yellow balloons.

I may not have the lyrics right and remember the whole song now, but the idea of the song created such a fantasy in my girlish mind. And now as a grown woman I find that I am grasping for the vision I created long a go.

Many years ago when Stephen and I married I made a promise to Alexis, Chandler and Olivia. A promise to ease the insecurity of the children's worries that come from divorce. I promised them that family would always come first. Olivia, who is most verbal in expressing her words reminded me of this, like a sting to my heart I could not deny that indeed, these were my words I had spoke with meaningful truth. Stephen was unhappy with the idea of me being out of the home, but when I heard it from my children, how could I take back my promise?

I came home from the grocery store today and had purchased a turkey for our Sunday dinner. The children are usually very kind to help put away groceries. Stephen asked Chandler to put the turkey out in the garage, sounds strange but is a great place to cold store a turkey this time of the year. Chandler's remarks "oh, so you want me to put the turkey in our food storage?" Presently we keep all our food storage out in the garage. It was pretty darn funny. Chandler- is still enjoying his BMX, it moves to a indoor track during the winter and he is really looking forward to the snow, getting out on his Dad's new invention the "snow bike." Also, this week Chandler's parent/teacher conference took place and it comes as no surprise that he had a very outstanding report. I really liked his poem about "Chandler Bear" a nick name I gave Chandler when he was a infant. There is a story behind this nick name.

Olivia- has been diagnosed with celiac disease, so it has been a very interesting to try and watch every label. It is going to take much more thought in meal planning and take a little getting use to the change. She had friends over for dinner tonight and one of her favorite meals is spaghetti, when you have celiac pasta is off the menu. We have quickly come to discover there are plenty of grocery stores and health food stores that carry great gluten free breads, pastas, treats, cereals and much more so this life change doesn't have to be to much of a challenge.

Alexis- Started basketball skills at Open Court and really has great ambition for the sport. We played ball a few months ago as a family and Alexis had a buried talent hidden, just waiting to be discovered. Alexis is also mastering her math skills. She challenges me most every day with her intelligence-

November 3, 2008


Halloween- The spookiest night of the year. You may see a luchador, alien, pup dog, biker babe or even Super girl.
For this is the time it all beings...

The rule of front porch stoops. Here they gather to giggle and taunt. Ringing doorbells, shouting "Trick or Treat," Only to be appeased by something sweet. Greedily they grab handfuls of candy, Stuffing it in sacks they always keep handy. The creatures then, vanish as quickly as they came, To torment others with their silly game. Midnight comes, the "witching hour," The sweets are sorted, ready to devour. In a short time, the candy has vanished, Into stomachs totally famished. Soon the creatures begin to moan, All that sugar making them groan. Slowly they crawl into their beds, Pulling the blankets over their heads.

We also celebrated Grandpa Gus's Birthday

Cake Melaine Made

The Birthday Dad

Pussy cat and "Money" the Mexican Luchador

A cute puppy dogs

The busy, flirty lady bug

Halloween Witch and Zoro

"Wendy" the burger girl and Police Officer

Buns and Guns

October 28, 2008

All about 8's

Thanks Brooke for the fun and easy tag!

8 Favorite TV Shows- I don't watch much TV, some may think I live under a rock but, here are a few that I do like.

1. The Office
2. CSI- NYC and LV
3. Mad TV (some times)
4. King of Queens

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Texas Roadhouse Grill
2. Gurus (Center Street in Provo)
3. Yapona Japanese (great sushi for Utah)
4. Bangkok Thai
5. Bombay House (Indian)
6. Cannella`s (Italian in SLC)
7. Tucano's Brazilian Grill
8. Little America (Sunday Brunch- is exceptional)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
1. Had breakfast at Einstein Bagels (a pumpkin bagel w/pumpkin smear)
2. Caught some of the Dr. Laura show
3. Squeezed in extra snuggle time w/Stephen
4. Looked at the Grapes and Apples I need to can and wondered when I might find time
5. Orchestrated Olivia's Birthday Party (16 kids)
6. Sang Karaoke: Sweet Child of Mine (Sheryl Crow version)
7. Did homework with kids @ 8:00pm- after the party
8. Took time to read a Bible story to the kids, even though we got to bed late

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Growing my garden next year
2. Fall Trip to Manhattan, New York: shopping,the great restaurants,Christmas window displays, the street vendors, the arts and culture, the bliss energy of a Manhattan
3. The BYU vs Utah game
4. Family time
5. Accomplishing goals
6. Working on food storage
7. Date night with Stephen
8. Service opportunities

8 Things I love About Fall
1. The sound of crunching leaves beneath my feet
2. Kids playing in the colorful fall leaves
3. The crisp and smokey autumn air
4. The fashion of fall- sweaters, boots and scarfs
5. The inviting colors of fall, so warm and natural
6. Smells from the kitchen of spiced soups, breads, chili,
7. Football Games and parties
8. Change

8 Things On My Wish list
1. To go to Africa with Chandler,Alexis and Olivia to see Emily (have always wanted to go and have a great reason to now- My husband willing?)
2. Have a home that looks and feels inviting (like out of Better Homes and Garden)
3. For Alexis,Olivia and Chandler to know what a beautiful gift life is
4. To practice more charity and patients
5. See the tombs and pyramids in Egypt and ride a camel
6. Discover something scientific
7. Rock climb with my kids
8. Kayak a grand river

8 People I Tag
1. Meridith
2. Melanie
3. Jessica
4. Jordan
5. Aubrey Willcox
6. Angela
7. Mother Teresa
8. Obama

October 24, 2008

Olivia- The Birthday Girl!

It's always a party at our house. People coming and going or even with our own little family we somehow manage to make life fun. When it comes to birthdays, we go all out! A birthday, means we celebrate for a good couple of days. Olivia's Birthday started out with a nutritious breakfast of her favorite kind of breakfast, donuts and chocolate milk, a boisterous "Happy Birthday" song sang by all and Olivia did a birthday dance around the kitchen.

Monday, October 27 we plan to have a party with friends at Classic Skating. We are renting the Karaoke Room. Olivia, is super excited. I will have to post the pictures.

October 22, 2008

Husband Tag - Pretty Fun!

Husband Tag... It just might be the best kind

1. Where Did You Meet?
It was all in the name of pastrami. We met at a local sandwich shop, Gandolfos. Stephen swears he spotted me first and I swear I saw him first. We kept eyeing each other, I felt this incredible attraction to him. Something about those radiant blue eyes that drew my attention his way, it was as though his eyes spoke to me. The click was instant and the attraction deep.I tried to get brave and find a way to say hello, but I am old fashioned about certain things and men and women's roles. I couldn't bring myself to take the first initiative. My sister Melanie was with me having lunch and a couple of friends. Stephen was there with a few co-workers. My sister noticed I kept looking over and checking out this guy (Stephen), she took it upon her self to go over and find out if he was married, I didn't notice a ring. So Melanie walked right up and said "My sister wants to know if you are married." I about died, I felt like I was in high school. I pretended to act oblivious, then she called me over, we were introduced and he got my number. Oh, it was so awkward-
I was just giddy and super excited for his call. Stephen had never heard of the two day rule, he called me after work that day and invited me to go out that night. I hesitated thinking "doesn't he know about the two day rule?" you can't seem that anxious right off the start. Despite my rule, I accepted and we met up that night. He was super late and I was convinced that I had been stood up. Great relief came when he showed up, I gave him a little grief in a humorous way for standing me up. He had a good enough excuse, so we got our night started. Our first date lasted into the wee hours of the morning, we enjoyed each others company so much.

2. How Long Did You Date Before Marriage?
We dated for a year and got married the year mark to the date we met. So, we got married on the same day we met. This was both our second marriage. As Stephen and I got engaged and started making plans for marriage, I didn't want a full blown wedding, I was fine with just eloping or a simple ceremony. Stephen was such a gentleman, he wanted to give me a nice wedding. I never had the white wedding most little girls dream of. I down played the whole wedding thing and had convinced myself it was silly to have traditional wedding. Stephen insisted and to this day I am always so thankful in my heart that my husband felt I was worthy of the best wedding possible. Our wedding was so amazing, the most beautiful day created with a man who truly cherishes me. Our wedding to this day is still talked about by so many people and the best thing was that our three children got to be a part of it all and the memories they talk about warms my heart.

3. How Long Have We Been married?
Four great growing and loving years.

4. What Does He Do To Surprise You?
Stephen is always full of surprises:) He keeps me smiling! Sometimes he'll send flowers when he goes on long business trips, spoils me by taking me on surprise trips. Stephen surprises me when he sings impromptu songs he makes up all on his own. Last week he wrote me a poem for the very first time, I loved it. A super surprise is when he volunteers to do laundry. Yeah, my husband is pretty great-

5. Favorite Feature?
I make the assumption this is asking for physical feature? love it all, but my favorite feature of his would be Stephen's eyes. Eyes are the window to ones soul and my hubby has good soul. There are other features I would admit, but...
this is a blog my children and sisters read.

6. Favorite Quality?
Great qualities is not something Stephen falls short of. He posses a great gift of knowledge and admired a lot because of his intelligence. I sometimes have to remind him, that not every one is as smart of him. Another great quality of his is that he is integrable. EXAMPLE: we go to the BYU games and one of my family members has a handicap parking pass, we got offered to use it and Stephen took such a integrable stand, I was all about the pass. So, thank you honey for keeping me honest.
I love how patient he is too, I learn many great things from him. Stephen is also quite the funny guy. Some people don't always know how to take him because he comes across as the serious type, but watch out- He'll try and pull you leg. We have a lot of laughs together, keeps life in check.

7. Does he have a nick name for me?
*Char-Bucks, he came up with that all on his own.

8. Favorite Color?
* Blue- he looks really awesome in this color too.

9. Favorite Food?
*Steak- we both like a lot of the same foods.

10. Favorite Sport?
* Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? We love football season in this house. Stephen plays with the guys in the neighborhood every Saturday morning. Also, Steve should have been a pro golfer- he has amazing drives.

11. When and Where Was Our First Kiss?
Stephen tried to kiss me on our fist date, he was hard to turn down but, I resisted and only because I really liked him. Yeah, I know it doesn't make a lot of sense. Four dates and a week later, after a romantic dinner date at Sundance our fist kiss happened and all I can say is it was WOOOOOOOW. After four years of marriage and this is no lie, it's still that great.

12. What Do We Like To Do Together?
Stephen and I are truly best friends, we do everything together. Some of our favorite things to do together is vacationing, taking walks, golfing, watching and going to football games. Watching movies in bed, while eating ice cream. Making Sunday breakfast together. We get out on the dance floor every now and then, Stephen is a pretty good country dancer.

13. Do We Have Any Children?
Only the three most adorable kids ever. Alexis, Chandler and Olivia. We are a blended family, my blog name "soothing smoothie" derives from the term blended family.

There is no his or hers, they are ours. No greater joy than our children and my husband. We learn a lot from one another and share lots of giggles.

14. Does He Have Any Hidden Talent?
Stephen, is a great cook. He makes the best omelets I have ever had, omelets are his specialty. He does cool sketches, they are better than he realizes. He sings well, I really like it when he sings(serious, I really do). But this is his most hidden talent.
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15. How Old Is He?
33 years old and like a fine wine or a delicious cheese he becomes more refined with age.

16. Who Said I Love You First?
He did- I remember the moment well. We were standing outside my condo, about ready to part ways and I was on the curb saying good bye with a kiss and hug. He pulled me back and said "I think I love you." I teased weeks later about the "I think" part. That can be such a awkward moment the first time you tell someone you love them.

17. What Is His Favorite Type Of Music?
He is quite diverse when it comes to music. If you have ever seen Office Space he is like the white guy driving to work who cranks up the rap music, I don't know why but this has always cracked me up- he just doesn't look the rap type.
When we first met he would play Bocelli, this was so appealing, I was raised on Pavarotti. Stephen is a sap for country music, I dare say this is his favorite.

18. What Do You Admire Most About Him?
His charming sense of humor, that he is a very dedicated man in all aspects of his life, he is charitable, very trust worthy and often reminds me that he is an Eagle Scout. I admire his passion, but the thing I admire most is no matter how busy the components of life seem to get, I really feel like he puts me and family above all.

19. Do You Think He Will Read This?
He just may. This blog is primarily my way of keeping a family journal.

My sister in-law Meredith, who I just adore, recently put up a blog.
She has challenged me to husband tag, at first I thought it was kind of funny, I thought of it more like a chain type thing, which I ordinarily would shy away from but because it came from her I decided to do it and Tag my sister in-law Jessica and Brooke... It's actually a pretty fun focus!

October 7, 2008


There has been a stir of a question in my mind as to whether or not I would be prepared If faced with natural disaster of some type.

So, I came to the conclusion I am not. Especially after seeing what happened in hurricane Ike and past devastation's.

I myself have experienced a hurricane(Inki, Hawaii-1993)and know first hand the havoc that takes place, people get crazy. They run to the store when the warning is sent out and they horde supplies, it reminded me of what one might experience on Black Friday.

I dreamt the other night of an earthquake, one of those dreams that jolts you up out of bed. The first thing that came to my mind of frenzy was... I have got to get my water supply filled. I have many empty water storage containers out in my garage and only a couple of them are filled. I also decided to make a fun, but educational lesson for the kids and we worked on our survival kits that we started last summer as one of our summer school projects. We spent two hours going over our packs and family plan. The kids and I had a good time together, it got quite comical.

Items we have in our emergency packs.

* Hygiene items: Shampoo, conditioner,lotion,tooth brush/paste,chap- stick and biodegradable toilet paper
* Emergency Blankets
* Hand Warmers
* Glow Sticks
* Poncho
* Whistle
* Compass
* Water filter and micropur tablets
* Matches, some water-proof
* Basic first aid kits
* Ginger, antacid
* Electrolyte replacement
* Bug repellent
* Water
* Pocket Knife
* Flint stone
* Magnifying glass
* Flash light
* Book (for entertainment)
* Bag of candy(for morale boost)
* MRE kits

"TEAM ROBERTS" is in check!

With the economy and it's unsteady position it plays into my mind that the pattern though different, reeks much of the same trend that lead to the great depression.
Watching the falling of the economy has opened my eyes to how I would choose to "prepare" for what could lie ahead.

October 3, 2008

The Winds of Change

Autumn has fallen, It's like it almost comes out of know where. Last week, I looked out upon the mountains and I spotted the color splashes. When I saw this I couldn't help but to get a wash of exciting cause and sensation. So, I planned it in my mind to get a better look, and headed up to Sundance.

As Stephen and I walked the familiar paths and we stood on the bridge where he proposed marriage, I perceived it to be like the pages out of some romantic story book- minus the Japanese tourist taking pictures.

We conversed of the winds of change in our lives, the type of conversation that is as deep as the red crimson maple leaves in the fall.

How life is ever changing with children, jobs, economically, spirituality, physically. We go through photosynthesis. The scientific term photosynthesis can go into great textbook depth all just to understand the change in color of the fall leaves. Photosynthesis which means "putting together with light" Is what allows the leaves to turn the beautiful colors they do.

On the way down the mountain and the perfect day it was, I rolled my window down to take in the spiritual moment. My eyes fixed on God's painted canvas of such beauty and then let the wind of change rush trough my hair. Knowing life is sweeter when we can appreciate change.

September 17, 2008

Tea Party

I have always been a girl/woman who loves frills and pretty things. I love pastel colors and yes, I admit I haven't out grown the color pink.

I love wearing dresses, skirts, purses,jewelry and high-heels. I am through and through very much a priss, Olivia would agree that so is she.

Today Melanie and I hosted a tea party for the girls, a fun reason to dress up and play elegant.

Kaia and Aniston having tea.

Kari read a poem that expressed in a humorous way, a darling presentation of being polite and using proper etiquette.

A Poem about the "Thing-a-ma-jig."

The decor consisted of flowers, hats, tea pots, tea cups, hat boxes that stored all sorts of delightful sweet treats.

We chatted, danced, giggled and pranced, it was such a fun time.

A memory to mark on a scrap book page of my heart.