July 1, 2009

Princess Happy Home

Yesterday was a much anticipated day for Stephen,Chandler, myself and many family members. Alexis and Olivia arrived home after a being in Kenya with their Mom. What a joyful and happy moment seeing their faces after six months.

I have been so very excited to hear of their adventures and new experiences, what they saw and what they ate, the culture they were apart of for half of a year.

Alexis and Olivia have lived in a place I have dreamed of visiting since I was eight years old. As a child I would watch the television charity fund raising promotions for the starving children in Africa and vowed I would one day help those kids. Seeing wanting children struck such a heart felt emotion.

Alexis and Olivia have gained so much by this small piece of life experience, and I know at this age they can never fully understand what a treasure they gained. The girls are very happy to be home, a feeling anyone who has lived abroad can appreciate.

When Alexis was in 2nd grade during Thanksgiving they had a Indian and Pilgrim dinner. Alexis was designated as an Indian, the children designed paper fashioned clothing. Upon picking up kids after school, Alexis appeared wearing a Indian headpiece that displayed "Princess Happy Home" in her own handwriting. She was so delighted about the events of the day and her self appointed Indian name "Princess Happy Home". Alexis is indeed a princess and happy to be home.

We are all so very elated to have our girls home!