April 22, 2008

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”—

It is all over the news about the nations food prices on the rise, along with gasoline prices inching up daily. Now I am not one that bakes my own bread from scratch every day, sews my children's clothes, darns my husbands socks, nor do I make my own butter. The standard for domestic has moved down a few notches from what it once was in life. Now it has become the norm to buy,buy,buy. Microwaved family dinner or fast(fat)food. Life runs us, we make our lives so busy that we forget to take time just to breathe(Unless we are doing Yoga or exercising on the tread mill).

I took a moment to pause the other day and thought how grand it could be to start a garden with my children. All the life lessons that can be learned by being one with the earth.Plus the satisfaction of having fresh, organic, self-produced food at the end of summer. As the children and I potted seeds together, I took the opportunity to talk with the kids about faith made the comparison of seeds, sun, water, weeds, but so many analogies can be made from the process of growing and nurturing plants.
The beauty of the Earth can be so spiritual if we only take a moment to notice. The colors in the sunset, symbolism of new spring flowers, the smell of each season, the soothing flow of a mountain river. Peace that is felt when there is no one around but you and the quiet of nature.

April 16, 2008

Modern Stepmother Fairy Tale

I had a occurrence the other day with Alexis, Caught me off guard
actually. I had just picked the girls up from school and within five
min her phone was already chiming with a text message. I asked her who
was so anxious to chat with her, she told me it was one of her friends
brothers. Does this raise a red flag to just me or am I just being
over protective?
I am quite expressional and I am certain the look on
my face was a distorted one.I began to ask questions about this
"friends brother." Finding out he was 10 and not a older boy I felt some
relief, but not much. I began to to talk to the girls about when it is
age appropriate to call boys or to go out on dates, this is not a new
topic with my kids. I told them the woes of my youth and how my mother
would tell the boys that called my house at age 14 that they could
call back in two years. No sooner had I said this and Alexis phone rang
this boy is now calling. Now, I was just bewildered! I asked Alexis if she
would like to talk to him about our family rules or if she would, she picked me. I called the young man back and then we began our chat, I introduced myself and continued to lead the conversation into the rules of boys not calling girls at this age and same with girls calling boys. I asked for him to please delete Alexis number from his phone and that I would probably need to bring this to his mothers attention. Was very polite, yet tried to be very clear.
After I hung up, Olivia (the younger of the two daughters) cheered
from the back "way to go Mom." I quickly turned and asked Alexis if I
embarrassed her. She said no and I felt her answer sincere. I
confessed that I was not prepared for this. I questioned if I was to
brash or overbearing. I questioned my role as stepmom, was it not my
role? Then I though of Dr. Laura and felt I did the right thing as a
parent, stepmom, caring adult. I told those beautiful girls my
feelings of how much I love them and even though they have a Mom, my
heart only sees them as my daughters too.

Some times this step-mom thing can be questioning, what is my role, do
I over step lines? Do they love and respect me and want me to take a
active position? Do I fit the "evil stepmother" description? From the
start I have always disliked the term "STEP" but, trying to explain it
any other way just doesn't work people look puzzled and say it for you any way. Please, society could we come up with a better term? I believe it's those princess fairy tale stories that have spoiled our good name. Think about it,from
toddler age to pre teen children read or watch the fairy tales that
portray the stepmother as wicked or evil.

Modern stepmother, not to evil looking

April 15, 2008

Masquerade “paper faces on parade”

One weekend I was goofing off with my kids, they have really been into play writes and acting. My children love to wear different mask and act all sorts of parts and this thought came to mind...
How many different masks does a person wear throughout the day or throughout ones life?

Work: This mask makes me look professional, intellectual, polished, attractive, and worthwhile towards society and gives much validation.

Mother: When this mask is worn I become a super hero, teacher, nurturer, judge, psychologist (life coach), taxi driver, cheerleader, rock star, divine and intuitive, Martha Stewarts apprentice, slave driver, most important loving arms filled with trust, security and unconditional love.

Wife: This mask is most vulnerable, becoming susceptible and pliable, mysterious, I can be a goddess, looked upon with admiration all that is beautiful and cherished. My husbands best friend, the wind that whispers quiet persuasions. At times I am gladiator out to conquer, or often a healing hand, soft and gentle reaching after a hard days work.

Sister/friend: The mask of sisterhood is grand, so powerful and strength drawing; I am looked upon as mentor. Feelings of empathy, charity and compassion flood my heart. Ears become big and a my mouth little (still trying to learn this one with my children and husband).

Many more masks can be worn, but the question is when each mask is put away at the end of the day and I am left with only a naked face, exposed and unguarded, do I like this face before me? I am spirit, I am light, I am true, I am free to be ME. The masquerades will countlessly continue throughout my life and I will joyfully dance each one, never forget at the end of the day the true face of the woman I am.