November 5, 2009

Simple Thing Where Have You Gone?

Some find the root of human spirituality is grounded not only in God, but also in the four elements God created—earth, water, fire, and air. The elements are common, they can be the keys to spiritual understanding. Elements can can help re-connect and give a sense of personal fulfillment.

I am one that believes in linking elements to the soul, I discovered years ago that my element without doubt is water. I love being out on the water, sitting by a stream or on a beach watching the endless patterns. Water is so refreshing, cleansing, soothing, calming, relaxing and luring and when I am in this element my mind becomes clear and I learn, discover, find answers.

I took Chandler out to the lake today we sat on the sand and just watched the water wash the shoreline, reminding myself what carefree feels like.

Stresses of life can creep up so easily and bog us down.

(Click on the blog title "Somewhere only we know" will play. I love this song and find deep meaning in it)