August 27, 2009

In Gus We Trust

When my siblings and I where teens my Dad acquired a nickname, I am sure he never intended to stick. My Dad having a great sense of humor and enjoying pranks would leave the alias name "Gus" at restaurants or other public places where they did not know him and would use trucker lingo or pretend he had a silly accent of some sort. We children all thought the self appointed name was so funny and we started calling him "Gus" too.

Now, being the road trip/cycling family we where during biking season we decided one year for Father's Day to embellish the Ford Explorer with a licence plate frame that read "In Gus we trust." Indeed we placed a great amount of trust in my Dad. My dad was a single Dad, who did the best I've seen any Dad do. After working a hard day of work, he always made it priority to spend time with us, he took time to build a relationship with us, encouraged us in all we pursued and gently but firmly would scold us in a loving way if we got off tack. Dad, was even welcoming towards our friends- He stocked a fridge in the garage just for us and our friends full of frozen pizzas, ice cream treats and other teen junk food delights. You can imagine where all our friends wanted to hang out, they loved our Dad too. My Dad did his best to make sure we were not delinquents and that we were accountable for doing jobs, follow through and taking care of one another. And most importantly we knew he cared.

Children seek great comfort and stability in their parents, as an adult I have come to realize how much I still lean on my parents for council and guidance, even if it is not always verbal, children are always watchful of parents.

This past week my father told me he had been diagnosed with cancer. The dreaded words you wish never to hear, that someone you love has cancer. My heart sank and trying to hold back the tears to be tough for my Dad, it was no use those tears rolled anyway. My father looked at me and said... "Don't you cry for me. I am a happy man. I have lived a great life. I have built a great relationship with each of you kids and I have a been a part of each of my grandchildren's lives. And I am good with God. What more could a man ask for?" His crystal blue eyes inspired love, truth and hope, he would not let me pity him in any way- for he was at peace. Ten years the cancer has been unknown and growing. I love my Dad for being so strong,holding on to faith and being so positive toward something so challenging. What a great example my Dad is.

My father has planned a trip with each of kids before he goes in for the surgery to remove as much of the cancer that can be removed. I will embrace each memory of my Dad and will continue to remember that... "In Gus we trust."


Amy Bogart said...

OH CHAR! So special! You are such a strong person, and you do have a great relationship with your dad. I pray for miracles with him and in your life too! I love you and am praying for you and thinking of you!

Kara said...


I am so sorry to hear this about your dad. I do remember going out with your dad to Apollo burger one time and him seeing Ty Detmer in the car in front of us through his side view mirror. We all ran up and got his autograph while your dad ordered burgers for us. Good times.

Your family has had such a rough year. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I were closer.


Bri!!! said...


I just heard the news from Jess and am heartbroken. However, I loved this post so much. I too was a recipient of your fathers love. I will definitely visit him next time I'm in town. It's funny that he has been on my mind a lot lately. I guess I now know why.

The reason I was talking to Jess was to tell her the news that we are pregnant. We are so excited. It was quite unexpected because we tried for Caleb for 3 years and had to do treatments. Dan started his treatments a few months ago because we wanted to start trying but was on a low dose because we were waiting for me to start my cycle. Well, it never came...because we were already pregnant! It's a miracle and we are thrilled. It's a blessing we wont have to put thousands of dollars into the drugs this time around. And I haven't minded not getting a period in over 2 years:-). Although now we have no idea how far along I am.

Anyway, after I told Jess the news she told me your news. I was SO EXCITED! What a miracle. There is nothing like the miracle of growing a life. I can't wait to hear all about it. Congrats and much love to you and your family. I love your blog posts. You are a beautiful writer and often move me to tears.