April 11, 2010


  One week ago today we brought home our newest little addition to the family Preston Alexander Roberts. A bouncing baby boy born March 31, 2010 Time 9:46 Weight 7.7 Height 19" Location Sandy,Utah Alta View Hospital Our family has so very anxiously awaited the arrival of Preston, he was born one week early. I went into labor about 4:00am on Wed morning and waited out the contractions until a little after 6:00am, I was still trying to decide if I truly was in labor or if I was having "false labor." Called my Mom and put her on standby and not five minutes after I called her at 6:00am there was no doubt it was time to head to the hospital. I woke Stephen by asking him what he had planned for the day, still fuzzy in the head from being aroused from his slumber, he seemed inquisitive as to why I would be asking him this question at 6:10 in the morning and I told him "We are having our baby today!"

Off to the hospital we went- after wrangling our dog who thought she would head out early too. Snow was falling and blanketed our town, we live only minutes from the hospital. I could hear Stephen's calming voice telling me to "breathe" as contractions timed two minutes apart. We checked in and minutes before 7:00 Dr. Later was there. I was determined to be tough and do this birth natural, pain got the best of me and I was convinced that an hour more of hard labor pains was way to intense, Dr. Later told me I did have time to do the Epidural and so I contemplated for only about a moment and decided the idea of minimizing the pain seemed glorious.

The epidural set in and two hours later at 9:46am the beautiful birth of our son took place. I was focused on my husband and heard him say in a very surprised voice "Oh my gosh there's his head!"

I marveled as I heard my son's first cry, so strong and sure. Stephen cut the umbilical cord with only brief hesitation and next thing I knew this little boy who had been apart of our family in a non revealing way and such a part of me for the past 9 months was finally here. Fist thing I noticed was his dark hair and so much of it, he was so perfect- the closest thing to heaven I was holding in my arms.
Joy filled my mommy heart as Stephen, our children and loved ones shared in such a once in a life time moment.

We are proud parents adding Preston Alexander Roberts to our family. Relatives have loved calling him PAR 4(he's the 4th child between us), scratch PAR (he had a scratch on his belly when he came out). I can't help but wonder if Stephen gave our son the name he gave him due to his love for golf, the name suites him well.

Thank you God for this special miracle in our life!

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