April 15, 2008

Masquerade “paper faces on parade”

One weekend I was goofing off with my kids, they have really been into play writes and acting. My children love to wear different mask and act all sorts of parts and this thought came to mind...
How many different masks does a person wear throughout the day or throughout ones life?

Work: This mask makes me look professional, intellectual, polished, attractive, and worthwhile towards society and gives much validation.

Mother: When this mask is worn I become a super hero, teacher, nurturer, judge, psychologist (life coach), taxi driver, cheerleader, rock star, divine and intuitive, Martha Stewarts apprentice, slave driver, most important loving arms filled with trust, security and unconditional love.

Wife: This mask is most vulnerable, becoming susceptible and pliable, mysterious, I can be a goddess, looked upon with admiration all that is beautiful and cherished. My husbands best friend, the wind that whispers quiet persuasions. At times I am gladiator out to conquer, or often a healing hand, soft and gentle reaching after a hard days work.

Sister/friend: The mask of sisterhood is grand, so powerful and strength drawing; I am looked upon as mentor. Feelings of empathy, charity and compassion flood my heart. Ears become big and a my mouth little (still trying to learn this one with my children and husband).

Many more masks can be worn, but the question is when each mask is put away at the end of the day and I am left with only a naked face, exposed and unguarded, do I like this face before me? I am spirit, I am light, I am true, I am free to be ME. The masquerades will countlessly continue throughout my life and I will joyfully dance each one, never forget at the end of the day the true face of the woman I am.

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