May 7, 2008

The Happiest Place On Earth

Our family just got back from Disneyland, what A blast it was. The children had all been prior to this family trip. I myself had never relished in the Disneyland experience. I didn't know really what to expect.

Stephen and I decided to go, due to a business trip Stephen was taking and we figured we might as well make a family trip out of it since the "company" covered most of the expenses. We drove to cut on cost and what little angels the children where. They seemed to entertain themselves quite well for the nine hour trip duration.

The first night in we made it to down town Disney and the children became so animated, the kind of excitement you see from a child on Christmas morning. I iterated to them that the best part of the trip was seeing how lit up, excited and happy they were. I basked in their energy and for a three days put my kids in the drivers seat and they ran the adults around the parks. We ran here, there and every where. From sun up until midnight most nights. How exhausting it became, yet we never realized how tired we were until the strike of midnight when the parks would close and the mile walk back to our hotel became the true tale of how depleted our bodies really had become.

The whole time I was there I couldn't stop smiling and laughing, I was having the time of my life! I have heard Disneyland can't be done in a day, well I have to boast Team Roberts did it.

It was nice to have my sister Angela part of our trip. My children sure look up to her. Angela helped to corral those happy little feet and made our team a even number six. Disneyland is a magical place to those who are uninhibited and allow our inner child to explore a realm out side of our adult mind and body.
The souvenir I brought home was no tangible token, simply a memory reminding me to be young at heart, A desire to make my heart the happiest place on Earth. to remember life is the greatest gift, true happiness comes from within-

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