August 10, 2008

Back In The Saddle Again

Some race footage, quality is not all that great but, the race is AWESOME!

Chandler has the ambition to take up BMX riding and racing. What can I say? It's in the blood. The first time we went to the track it was such a thrilling rush. I don't know if I was more excited or Chandler, we talked the whole way home about the sport and he displayed such spark. It was fun to have a strong, common interest between the two of us. I hope he will take biking as far as he wishes, I don't believe in pushing kids to do- only to encourage these young to aspire to live their dreams.

A small taste of success gives one such confidence and belief in self. Chandler called his cousin Savannah right away to see if she would want to come ride. Savannah has got to be the most pretty little eight year old "tom boy" her personality fits the description, but bless her heart she has the appearance of an angel. The two of them are now racing BMX together. Ride on!!! This week the 2008 Tour of Utah will take place. Two years ago this event resurrected after running years of a few local and regional cycling events. It was the Preston family dream to bring international cycling here to Utah. We successfully ran that event with very minimal staff, a shoe string budget and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears went invested toward the Tour of Utah. Though the 2006 Tour went down in history as a success. My brother, Jason was left with an overwhelming amount of debt on his shoulders. The Tour title sponsor was a interested buyer, so the event was sold off, minimizing the debt Jason was left with. We were quickly elbowed out of the game due to a lot of political adversity with the Utah Sports Commission. A long story and a story that left us all with a sick stomach and a broken heart. It was a great education in learning about what a dog eat dog world it can be. Just like any thing in life there comes a time when wounded feelings must be set aside and to straddle the saddle again and ride on! This year we will be watching the Tour through different eyes and from the VIP tent.

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