August 24, 2008

Elementary School Survival Kit

This past Friday the kids and I went to help Chandler's new 3rd grade teacher with the finishing touches for the first day of school.

We had a lot of fun putting together book orders, cutting stickers, cleaning counters and desk, organizing materials for all the students.
Chandler didn't seem too nervous about his first day of school since he had already met Mrs. Wariner and had acquainted himself with his new class room.

Mrs Wariner placed Chandler in the front of the class and will be sitting by his very good friend Griffen(right). Alex(left)is his friend in the same class too.

Mom's Elementary School Survival Kit for Chandler:

The silver dollar I gave you is a reminder that you are valuable

The star is to remind you to always try your best

The eraser is to remind you that it's okay to make mistakes

The cell phone in your pack is to let you know that you can always talk to me

The reggae song I play on the way to school "Every little thing gonna be all right" is for the days you worry you'll be late and not to sweat the small stuff

The band-aid is to let you know feelings may some times get hurt but you now have a second skin and you might just have to be tough

The hug I give you every day is to remind you that you are cared for unconditionally

Last of all, the "I love you" sign we leave with each other at the start of each day assures you are never to old to be loved by your Mom

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