September 17, 2008

Tea Party

I have always been a girl/woman who loves frills and pretty things. I love pastel colors and yes, I admit I haven't out grown the color pink.

I love wearing dresses, skirts, purses,jewelry and high-heels. I am through and through very much a priss, Olivia would agree that so is she.

Today Melanie and I hosted a tea party for the girls, a fun reason to dress up and play elegant.

Kaia and Aniston having tea.

Kari read a poem that expressed in a humorous way, a darling presentation of being polite and using proper etiquette.

A Poem about the "Thing-a-ma-jig."

The decor consisted of flowers, hats, tea pots, tea cups, hat boxes that stored all sorts of delightful sweet treats.

We chatted, danced, giggled and pranced, it was such a fun time.

A memory to mark on a scrap book page of my heart.


Anonymous said...

This really was so fun! Kadence and I look forward to our next tea party! The only thing I am disappointed about is that my picture in my hat ended up on your blog, but where are the pics of you and Melanie in your goregeous hats??? Love, Kari

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

That looked like so much fun, I am so bummed the girls and I missed it! dang!

Brooke said...

That is a cute idea, you're always doing such fun things. You're a way fun mom. Thanks for watching a movie with us last night. It was fun to hang out. I'm so glad you guys are our neighbors!