October 24, 2008

Olivia- The Birthday Girl!

It's always a party at our house. People coming and going or even with our own little family we somehow manage to make life fun. When it comes to birthdays, we go all out! A birthday, means we celebrate for a good couple of days. Olivia's Birthday started out with a nutritious breakfast of her favorite kind of breakfast, donuts and chocolate milk, a boisterous "Happy Birthday" song sang by all and Olivia did a birthday dance around the kitchen.

Monday, October 27 we plan to have a party with friends at Classic Skating. We are renting the Karaoke Room. Olivia, is super excited. I will have to post the pictures.

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Brooke said...

Very cute slideshow! Teagen made us watch it several times. Happy Birthday Olivia! She is one of the kindest and cutest girls we have met. I love talking to her and hearing all her fun stories. So they are going to Kenya? We will really miss them! About Wednesday, it would probably be better when Sean got home so he could watch Teagen. But if you guys want to go early, that is fine I could probably find someone to watch Teagen or take him, since he is always talking about High School Musical! I can't wait. What is Steve doing while you guys are gone? I told Sean to have Steve over to play or something.