October 28, 2008

All about 8's

Thanks Brooke for the fun and easy tag!

8 Favorite TV Shows- I don't watch much TV, some may think I live under a rock but, here are a few that I do like.

1. The Office
2. CSI- NYC and LV
3. Mad TV (some times)
4. King of Queens

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Texas Roadhouse Grill
2. Gurus (Center Street in Provo)
3. Yapona Japanese (great sushi for Utah)
4. Bangkok Thai
5. Bombay House (Indian)
6. Cannella`s (Italian in SLC)
7. Tucano's Brazilian Grill
8. Little America (Sunday Brunch- is exceptional)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
1. Had breakfast at Einstein Bagels (a pumpkin bagel w/pumpkin smear)
2. Caught some of the Dr. Laura show
3. Squeezed in extra snuggle time w/Stephen
4. Looked at the Grapes and Apples I need to can and wondered when I might find time
5. Orchestrated Olivia's Birthday Party (16 kids)
6. Sang Karaoke: Sweet Child of Mine (Sheryl Crow version)
7. Did homework with kids @ 8:00pm- after the party
8. Took time to read a Bible story to the kids, even though we got to bed late

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Growing my garden next year
2. Fall Trip to Manhattan, New York: shopping,the great restaurants,Christmas window displays, the street vendors, the arts and culture, the bliss energy of a Manhattan
3. The BYU vs Utah game
4. Family time
5. Accomplishing goals
6. Working on food storage
7. Date night with Stephen
8. Service opportunities

8 Things I love About Fall
1. The sound of crunching leaves beneath my feet
2. Kids playing in the colorful fall leaves
3. The crisp and smokey autumn air
4. The fashion of fall- sweaters, boots and scarfs
5. The inviting colors of fall, so warm and natural
6. Smells from the kitchen of spiced soups, breads, chili,
7. Football Games and parties
8. Change

8 Things On My Wish list
1. To go to Africa with Chandler,Alexis and Olivia to see Emily (have always wanted to go and have a great reason to now- My husband willing?)
2. Have a home that looks and feels inviting (like out of Better Homes and Garden)
3. For Alexis,Olivia and Chandler to know what a beautiful gift life is
4. To practice more charity and patients
5. See the tombs and pyramids in Egypt and ride a camel
6. Discover something scientific
7. Rock climb with my kids
8. Kayak a grand river

8 People I Tag
1. Meridith
2. Melanie
3. Jessica
4. Jordan
5. Aubrey Willcox
6. Angela
7. Mother Teresa
8. Obama

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mom this is lexi this post was really funny!!!!!!