October 7, 2008


There has been a stir of a question in my mind as to whether or not I would be prepared If faced with natural disaster of some type.

So, I came to the conclusion I am not. Especially after seeing what happened in hurricane Ike and past devastation's.

I myself have experienced a hurricane(Inki, Hawaii-1993)and know first hand the havoc that takes place, people get crazy. They run to the store when the warning is sent out and they horde supplies, it reminded me of what one might experience on Black Friday.

I dreamt the other night of an earthquake, one of those dreams that jolts you up out of bed. The first thing that came to my mind of frenzy was... I have got to get my water supply filled. I have many empty water storage containers out in my garage and only a couple of them are filled. I also decided to make a fun, but educational lesson for the kids and we worked on our survival kits that we started last summer as one of our summer school projects. We spent two hours going over our packs and family plan. The kids and I had a good time together, it got quite comical.

Items we have in our emergency packs.

* Hygiene items: Shampoo, conditioner,lotion,tooth brush/paste,chap- stick and biodegradable toilet paper
* Emergency Blankets
* Hand Warmers
* Glow Sticks
* Poncho
* Whistle
* Compass
* Water filter and micropur tablets
* Matches, some water-proof
* Basic first aid kits
* Ginger, antacid
* Electrolyte replacement
* Bug repellent
* Water
* Pocket Knife
* Flint stone
* Magnifying glass
* Flash light
* Book (for entertainment)
* Bag of candy(for morale boost)
* MRE kits

"TEAM ROBERTS" is in check!

With the economy and it's unsteady position it plays into my mind that the pattern though different, reeks much of the same trend that lead to the great depression.
Watching the falling of the economy has opened my eyes to how I would choose to "prepare" for what could lie ahead.


Meredith said...

Mom Roberts would be so proud!

I started a blog..I'm completely obsessed like I knew I would but ah well! It's fun right!

Meredith said...

btw I tagged you on my blog for husband tag.. I figured why not?! Then I can learn a little more about my brother in the process too :)

Michael J said...


Damn well proud of you sister. I have to tell you how comforting it is to know that when shit hits the fan, my little nieces and nephew will feel comfortable and prepared.

I want to suggest using your water purifier pills, getting the kids comfy with the process and the taste.

E-blankets are nice, but they don't keep you warm, only alive. Put in a sweater that fits or a small fleece blanket.

Love you