December 8, 2008

For the Love of New York

I had long awaited my first travels to the great city of New York years ago. And when I finally slipped into a New York taxi all I had imagined this grand city to be, it suddenly all came to life. As I walked the ever so crowded streets, I felt like I was swimming in a concrete sea with multitudes of pedestrians clustered like schools of fish. Looking up towards the sky and viewing all the towering buildings over head a sudden sensation of what it was to be swallowed into the belly of this big city rushed me, I realized how very small I was.

New York has a way of penetrating all senses. Exquisite taste that touch your tongue, the pastries of New York unlike any other, the cultural variation of food and world renowned restaurants is so delightful. The smells of the city reek of street vendors and their treats, luring you in for a famous New York hot dog or fragrant sugar/cinnamon coated almonds. Every window passed has something most pleasing to the eye, with bazaar and glamorous fashions, unique and blaring jewelry, artistic works of glass, wood, paint and clay and not to mention the commotion of lights Time Square displays in such a robust and unforgettable manner. The sounds that the city pumps can only be described as "busy" and never resting.

How I love New York City, the upscale stores, the museums and theaters, night life, the whole song and dance, the antics of people, the deep rich history- I am on sensory overload the whole time I am there. Grasping to capture and hold this city, I have found it belongs solely to itself, much to vibrant and mad to be held.

Kids in their souvenir shirts, doing their New York Vogue poses

One of our frequented spots when we go to NYC is the Stage Deli the pastrami sandwiches are the best and the cheese cake is unbelievably sensational

Stephen and I enjoyed a fun filled day at the Metropolitan Museum

The store displays during the holiday season is phenomenal to see this is in the store of Anthropologie


Lexi said...

Mom this is Lexi did you know that Annie when she went to the movies she went to radio city music hall.

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