November 26, 2008

Any Time Of The Year

Thanksgiving is such a heart warming time of year. It becomes the time when the holiday cheer begins to morph, when fall transitions into winter.

Chandler, Alexis and Olivia have all been very observant of the Thanksgiving holiday and have noted well what it is they are thankful for. The words mentioned in their prayers express a deeper gratitude, A sure sign of maturing children. The things they are grateful for taken to paper in form of art work, a poem or kind letter. Each child so unique in their gifts, talents and spirit.

Tomorrows day of Thanksgiving will not be shared with the kids. In a way I will miss the busy ordeal of preparing a grand dinner together as a family, I know how much Alexis and Olivia enjoy helping in the kitchen. The ordinary holiday rituals and traditions will not be celebrated in the same way- Stephen and I are heading to Mimi's Restaurant, we will hit the movie theater and then get ready for our departure to New York the following day.

I have come to realize over the years that the actual day of the holiday is not all that important. Christmas and Thanksgiving can be any day we choose, as frequent as we wish. These holidays are symbolic and represent a spirit we continually grow throughout the year and throughout life. And when a family meal is prepared and we all gather round the table, bow our heads and give thanks continually for all we have been blessed with, this is when life feels so abundant. I look to the faces that surround me as we converse about the day or week and I take a few minutes to pause and learn who my family really is and what a treasure I possess.

Stephen asked me the other day "when do you feel most happy?" With out hesitation I know what is most precious to me, it is the time when we as a blended family are ALL together, this is when I feel most happy. Taking advantage of building a lasting relationship with sprouting kids who within a blink of an eye be fully grown.

Yes, I have learned a family can create Thanksgiving or the spirit of Christmas in the home as often as wished, I really believe this.



Kara said...

What a beautiful post. I'm in New York this week too - upstate - so I won't see you, but I'll think of you. Have fun.

Michael J said...


great perspective on an familiar holdiday.

I know that we can have a celebration like this any time we choose, but I'm glad they put it on a calendar so more of us can be there at the same time. Look forward to seeing you for christmas.

Have a great time in New York.