November 3, 2008


Halloween- The spookiest night of the year. You may see a luchador, alien, pup dog, biker babe or even Super girl.
For this is the time it all beings...

The rule of front porch stoops. Here they gather to giggle and taunt. Ringing doorbells, shouting "Trick or Treat," Only to be appeased by something sweet. Greedily they grab handfuls of candy, Stuffing it in sacks they always keep handy. The creatures then, vanish as quickly as they came, To torment others with their silly game. Midnight comes, the "witching hour," The sweets are sorted, ready to devour. In a short time, the candy has vanished, Into stomachs totally famished. Soon the creatures begin to moan, All that sugar making them groan. Slowly they crawl into their beds, Pulling the blankets over their heads.

We also celebrated Grandpa Gus's Birthday

Cake Melaine Made

The Birthday Dad

Pussy cat and "Money" the Mexican Luchador

A cute puppy dogs

The busy, flirty lady bug

Halloween Witch and Zoro

"Wendy" the burger girl and Police Officer

Buns and Guns

1 comment:

Michael J said...


What a great variety of costumes. It looks like the gang had such a blast!

I'm sure looking forward to visiting during the holidays.

Love you- mIke