June 3, 2008

Be A Fountain Not A Drain

Saturday, May 31, 2008 Chandler was baptised. He made this step with much assurity, I could see it in his eyes as we would share words. He is a boy who believes in himself, even at the young age of eight, he has a glimpse of who he is. Chandler with out a doubt has great purpose to fulfill, he is an amazing young man. He looked so angelic on this day. How anxious I wait to see the shaping of Chandler's life, what he will one day become. Chandler holds such a special place in my heart. The love I feel for him he may never fully understand until he has children of his own. My son is a growing miracle from God, constantly touching my life.

My Mom sent me a text with this saying "Be a fountain not a drain" and It has stuck with me for days. I really like the saying and found myself pondering this little saying during Chandler's baptism.

I thought... how I want to live my life as a fountain that gives to others and glows with purpose, never to be a drain, wasting away my existence, gifts and talents.

Chandler has such a large family, it would be hard to feel loved!

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