June 21, 2008

Gremlin Camp Out *BEWARE*

My Children and cousins Savannah and Shiloh, decided they where going to have a back yard camp out. They set up their tent, gathered sleeping bags, pillows and flashlights. I contemplated giving them carmel popcorn, for worry it might attract ants.

Stephen and I tucked the little campers in and gave them instructions to whisper, beware of the sprinklers and the bed bugs.

It was a rough night for the troops. I woke the next morning around 6:20am to check on the kids. Tents had been moved and abandoned. As I looked out the window I sighted a doe a couple feet away from the kid's tents. I ran to grab my camera, but was not fast enough.

I got Stephen off to work and then went to find where the kids ended up. All bedrooms where empty, except Alexis's bedroom. I peeked in only to find three of the five campers. It quickly became a mystery to where the other two children could be, I had checked the tents earlier, right after Stephen left, only found bedding and no heads. Instantly I became frantic to find Chandler, Olivia and Latte. I checked all the bedrooms again and back out to the tent, looking very carefully I found two bobble heads covered with mounds of blankets and pillows. Mystery solved!

As the kids began to tell their stories of the night, I discovered the sprinklers went off, the little campers moved their tent as instructed but, Alexis and Savannah moved their tent, but not far enough. The tent was soaked and they made a run for the house to sleep in for the rest of the night, Shiloh must have followed. Olivia and Chandler moved their tent and went back to sleep.

The kids had sneaked a midnight snack of Hershey's chocolate syrup, Doritos, Zingers and fruit snacks during the night. Stephen and I where up taking a bubble bath with the window open and kept hearing the kids making such a ruckus. Dad went down to silence them.

The next morning during clean up I discovered why the kids had been so loud...
They where trying to divvy up treats amongst the all the little gremlins.


Jessica said...

char! That is so funny, Being a kid is such an adventure!What an awesome aunt you are! Bless your heart. jess

Jason said...

Ode to the good old days of camping as a kid. The independence of sleeping away from the house, staying up late and getting into mischief. What great kids we all have. It was fun being a kid, but it is more fun being a parent and watching those little buggers grow up.

Brooke said...

Hey Char....I found your blog! Sounds like a fun and eventful night. Next time I say we join them, maybe by then we will both have grass and we can do it a little closer to home!! We won't have to worry about the sprinklers turning on.