June 19, 2008

Summer Time

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year for me. I am a true sun worshiper. First thing I will do in the morning, I crack the blinds to find the sun. I get a sense of internal warmth when I see sunshine. Seeing the sun releases brightness and cheer in my day, life becomes more vibrant.

What else is it I enjoy so much about summer?

- The feel of grass between my bare toes.

- My favorite trees(the Aspen)dance in the mountain breeze.

- The smell of a barbecue cook out, makes my mouth salivate.

- Swimming at the pool and water fights, just to get cool.

- The excitement of the kids when the ice cream man chimes through the neighborhood.

- The styles of Summer: Sundress's, skirts, shorts, sandals, wicker bags and fashionable hats.

- Flavors of Summer: Ice cold lemonade, watermelon on the rind,
7-11 Slurpee's, summer pasta salads, corn on the cob smothered with butter and salt, cold tastes to the tounge and never enough ice cream.

- Camp outs with my children as they discover a small taste of adventure.

- Romps in the mountains like a scene from Sound of Music, allowing the feeling of freedom to unleash.

- Majestic flags of our nation seem to fly more as festive summer parades, fire works and the Fourth of July triggers patriotism of our preeminent country and the founding fathers.

Yes, this is what I love most about summer.


Jessica said...

you said it girl!I love summer too! Is't it a wongerful season. I seems like all is well with the world when the sun is out!I love ya my poetic sis! Jess

Jason said...

Char, are you trying to drive me crazy while I work in the office 8 hours a day!
Charlene, you are an amazing mother, your kids are so lucky to have been blessed to live with you.
I feel privileged to be your little brother.