June 8, 2008

Heaven on Earth

I spent the weekend at Snowbird (a local ski resort). The first day I spent with Alexis and Olivia. As we drove up the mountain bopping and singing with the radio song Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog I became aware of my surroundings. The sky suddenly looked close enough to touch, my heart burst with overwhelming warmth and it was almost like we could touch heaven. I turned off the radio and offered a prayer of gratitude for the beauty of the Earth, for my precious little family and for all God has blessed us with. But, it didn't end there...
The girls and I woke the next morning, I drew the curtains and with inspiring delight saw the grandeur mountains, in front of my face glorious green, tall pines. Taking it all in I breathed deep enought to fill my lungs with content. I then did a running somersault on to the bed to get the blood flowing. The girls giggled with delight that this ol lady could do a somersault. The twinkle in their soul as they copied the act was so cherished. The morning became just me and the girls, no distractions like TV, computer, household chores, ringing telephones, friends or neighbors. The whole day was ours. Is this not heaven? Being with little one's who are so touched with life. We shared chats, songs and lots of giggles, my heart felt so much delight. The girls left to spend some time with Emily, I was sad to see them go after such a bonding day. Stephen,Alexis and one of my Sister's asked me what I would do for the remaining days. The thing I have come to find is I actually like me, so much I don't mind being with myself. I dug into a new book A New Earth. As I sat in the perfectly quiet room I became mesmerized by the scenery all around me once again. I stood staring for countless hours as I listened to my book on disc. I couldn't help but notice every detail of the trees and the new falling snow that sparkled like small diamonds on the lush green of the trees. The colors of the mountains changed by the movement of the gray and white clouds. It all felt so spiritually elevating, like a euphoric vision. A New Earth was such a great pick for the ambiance.

Does it take being away from chaos to notice that there can be heaven among us in every day hustle and bustle? It's in the warm and waking sun, in my children's eyes, it's a meaningful embrace from my husband, who loves me so deep it touches my core. In the beauty all around.

God’s beauty requires a response on our part. As God is beautiful, so we too must actualise beauty in our own lives. As God loves beauty, so we too must find, appreciate and love the beauty of creation. Indeed, we must bring beauty into being ourselves.

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Jessica said...

What a sweet blog, I love when Gods blessing really hit in all their glory and beauty!! I love ya sis you are an amazing woman!