July 31, 2008

Brownie Date For Two

Alexis has really developed a passion for cooking. One of her favorite things to make in the kitchen is brownies. A few days ago I had run to do a couple errands and she and Olivia kept persistently calling, checking to see when I would be home. Within a short time both Stephen and I met up at the house about the same time and to our surprise Alexis, Olivia and Hailey had set the table with tasty delights:

Home made brownies with a new creative topping of marshmallow melted with chocolate frosting and rainbow colored sprinkles to finish the ever so sweet brownies made with love. The brownies were made in a heart shape cake pan given to Alexis for her birthday by aunt Jessica and cousins. The spread on the table was embellished with a platter of bread pieces speared with tooth picks, a homemade vinaigrette dip in the middle of the plate, lit candles, and potpourri for fragrance. The mood music in the back ground played of nursery rhyme songs.

The girls had created the ambiance of a romantic date for two, plus them. Stephen and I tried hard to contain our emotions, each thinking the same thoughts about our date put on by the girls. We would exchange winks across the table with a twinkle in our eye as a new flavor was sampled or a new nursery rhyme song would play.

I cherish these moments my children create.

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