July 4, 2008

My American Idol

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I enjoy the story behind the purpose of the celebration. How proud I am to be an American and believe just as John Adams believed, to carry on the traditions of celebrating the Fourth of July.

This week Stephen and I sat down with our children and discussed the meaning of the up and coming holiday. I found a story implementing the heart of a true American(click on the title above) and read it aloud to my kids. I couldn't help but get a little choked up, as I read the story.
Isn't there just something about the sight of the flag, the stories of bravery, hearing the National Anthem (or other songs of American history) that brings such emotion to every American? How rich the history and deep roots of this country America have grown. Let mothers teach their children to cherish, find pride and emotion in our great country. To many Americans have become doltish and don't take a stand, or play a role in the continuing of making this country great. It is a sad statistic what number of US citizens do not vote or follow the political movements, yet a shocking amount of people follow the ever so popular American Idol TV program and vote for no name candidates.

What would the founding fathers of this country think, say or feel if they saw what our modern and social take had turned into. Have people disregarded all the hard work that has been laid and blood spilled for the sake of freedom and for God?
Children can't even state the pledge of allegiance in a class room, for the distasteful scourge that it says "God." Many have forgotten that his land and the purpose of this country was built in the name of God.

Time for us to get back to the basics of this country and to take a proper concern and role in what our government is doing. True American Idols are not posh, want to be pop stars seen on the television. True American Idols are American soldiers, who fight for sustaining freedom to remain, The American Flag a symbol of our nation's unity and her strength. The flag is a source of pride, and great inspiration our flag; This is a true American Idol.

Stephen and I enjoyed the long holiday, we spent it in Midway. Midway is a Swiss charm town, right in the heart the Utah mountains. We stayed at the Zermatt Resort, golfed a great course, ate a lot of delightful European food, relaxed and caught up on television, watched the fire works from a great view. We did not have the children with us for the weekend. A bit sad, but we had a very romantic weekend.

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