July 7, 2008

Down with sickness

Here it is middle of summer and I am down with some type of flu. I loathe being ill and helpless. When I am sick I try to play tough girl, but really I just want to be babied like everyone else. I grew up pretty hard core, hard core isn't made much of this way any more. Ain't no body wanted to be sick in my house growing up for the remedies concocted would chase away any living organism. One of Mom's favorite was Garlic, Cayenne, honey and lemon all in one dose. Now as nasty as this may sound, I do admit that during my growing up years my siblings and I where sick very little and I have been on one antibiotics in all my 33 years. All immune systems in the Preston house where functioning well. I never adopted this from my childhood, yet my brother Jason has and I see the difference. Tonight Jason made me a famous Mom concoction, but with his own twist. It actually was this amazing soup, with in minutes I could breathe out both nostrils. My lips where burning and I am sensing a little burning sensation in my digestive track, but natures cures are where it's at.
Thanks, Jason and Jess for the soup!

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Jessica said...

You bet!Iam glad you liked the soup! It actually has a good flavor besides setting your organs on fire. We love you, thanks for coming to my cycling class today you and angela made my day!