July 19, 2008

Tween Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Alexis's 10th birthday. All week Alexis has been looking forward to her party, with great excitement. The party was as a ropes course down by Utah Lake. The party started early by picking up all party members at 9:00am. I had a car load of seven tween girls. The term tween, is defined as an age set overlapping preteens. A tween desperately wants to be a teen and I experienced a whole day with eight tweens. Lots of fun, giggles and attitude! We arrived to the course at 10:00am slathered on the sunscreen and bug spray and the adventures began.

First game the kids had to use a rope and work together as a team to pull themselves up and then to sit back down.

Then we battled with noodles and played ninja.

Next the kids had to find away to all balance on a log, suspended in air.

Most awaited was the zip line.

After a fun morning of activities, we then broke for a picnic lunch, sang happy birthday, ate cake and opened birthday gifts. The last event was spent out on a canoe large enough for a tribe. We sang songs as we rowed the river and splashed one another with our ore's. I secretly have always wanted to be a river rat. I loved the feeling of being on the water and the feel of a paddle in my hand, the way the paddle pushes through the water is so elevating. I was in my element-

The party was hard to break, it was so much fun.

We are so proud of the beautiful young woman Alexis is blossoming into. Her heart is so giving and cheerful. Alexis has quite a delightful sense of humor and a willing attitude for service. She loves her family, friends, cooking, music, reading, swimming, fashion and nail art.

Don't be in such a hurry to grow up-
Best Birthday wishes!

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Michael J said...

What a bad ass mom you are. I wish I could have joined you all for this party!