July 28, 2008

First Day of School for Alexis and Oliva

Aaawh! The first day of school can be such a mixed bag when it comes to emotions.

Excitement, nervous tummy's, embarrassed faces, smiles of relief when greeting past school mates, uncertainty in the class room, the poise and grace new students strive to contain in new school sneakers.

The sense of security while Mom or Dad walk with their child hand in hand.

Alexis, Dad and I where up at 6:30. The rest of the family woke around 7:00am. Since we had got ready so promptly the family set out for a morning breakfast at McDonald's (was the closest eating establishment). After, we drove to Oak Hollow, paid for school lunches and lined up to meet new teachers.

Olivia's second grade teacher is Mr. Flocks, seems like a very nice chap. Reminds me of Bob Summers, has an artistic sense about him

Alexis is in fifth grade and in Mrs. Smith's class, I can hardly believe she is in the fifth grade. When I first met Alexis she was in kindergarten, age 5. How time passes so quickly.

The girls nestled well into their class rooms, I think we where the last lingering parents (Stephen, myself and Emily).

As we left, Chandler displayed great relief for having another four weeks until school starts for him.

The few weeks of summer play that we got with Alexis and Olivia flew by much to quickly. I was not prepared for them to go back to school so quickly.

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Jessica said...

my gosh how cute! I got all senimental seeing their first day of school! they are both very sweet!